Protocol M-57

July 30, 2023

Temporal Directive: Protocol M-57


Protocol M-57, referred to as the Temporal Directive constitutes a highly classified and structured set of guidelines that govern time travel operations for an enigmatic organization whose membership and title remain undisclosed. The primary objective of Protocol M-57 is to establish a framework that ensures the utmost discretion, accuracy and precision in all time travel activities. The overarching goal is to prevent the occurrence of butterfly effects, which could lead to profound alterations in historical events and the overall integrity of the multiverse. In adherence to Protocol M-57, time travelers are designated as observers and researchers, empowered to undertake specific interventions solely when deemed absolutely necessary for the successful accomplishment of their missions. This document provides an exhaustive and comprehensive range of instructions, meticulously devised to minimize interactions, restrict knowledge sharing, deter the formation of connections and evade unnecessary engagements, all with the purpose of safeguarding the continuity of unfolding timelines.

Fundamental Principles

  • Absolute Secrecy: The cornerstone of Protocol M-57 lies in the unwavering commitment to absolute secrecy. Each member entrusted with time travel capabilities must rigorously guard their true identity organizational affiliation and any activities related to temporal operations. Discretion is of paramount importance to protect both the safety of the organization and the continuity of the timelines.
  • Non interference Mandate: Central to the temporal operations governed by Protocol M-57 is the non interference mandate. It is of utmost importance to uphold the natural flow of historical events without external influences to avoid unintended and potentially catastrophic consequences.
  • Observer Role: As time travelers under Protocol M-57, individuals are bound to assume a passive observer and researcher role. Their primary task involves collecting and analyzing data pertaining to historical events and civilizations while refraining from any active involvement or manipulation of said events.

Minimizing Interactions

  • Restricted Interaction: Time travelers must exercise extreme caution in minimizing direct interactions with individuals in the past. Such interactions could lead to inadvertent alterations in the course of history, which Protocol M-57 endeavors to prevent at all costs.
  • Remote Observation: The utilization of advanced surveillance and cloaking technologies is pivotal for achieving remote and covert observation of historical events. This approach circumvents the necessity of direct interactions while enabling data gathering.
  • Concealment: To avert any potential suspicion or detection, it is imperative that time travelers meticulously conceal any, documentation, knowledge, futuristic technology or equipment brought from the future.

Knowledge Preservation

  • Information Isolation: Knowledge obtained from future events must be rigorously isolated and strictly withheld from disclosure to individuals in the past. This ensures that historical events unfold authentically, uninfluenced by knowledge of future developments.
  • Future Technology Prohibition: As an inviolable principle, advanced future technology must never be shared with individuals in the past. The potential disruptions such knowledge could cause to the timeline are considered too profound to permit any exceptions.
  • Historical Record Integrity: Under normal circumstances, historical records must not be tampered with or altered. Exceptions may arise, but only when explicitly authorized by Protocol M-57 for specific missions.

Superficial Connections

  • Emotional Detachment: Time travelers must maintain a strict emotional detachment from historical events, individuals and civilizations. Personal biases and emotional involvement can inadvertently influence historical trajectories.
  • Avoid Personal Relationships: Forming personal relationships with individuals in the past is unequivocally forbidden. The establishment of such connections could instigate unintended ripple effects that may significantly impact the course of history.
  • Limited Influence: Unsolicited advice or guidance to individuals in the past is to be avoided at all costs. Even seemingly insignificant interventions can have profound and far reaching consequences, hence the need for restraint.

Avoiding Superfluous Interaction

  • Silence and Stealth: Engaging in small talk or other unnecessary interactions with individuals in the past must be meticulously avoided. Unforeseen disruptions could arise from seemingly innocuous engagements.
  • Cultural Adaptation: In pursuit of seamless integration with historical societies, time travelers must acquire comprehensive knowledge of the language and cultural norms of the periods they visit, ensuring they do not draw unwarranted attention to themselves.

Specific Missions

  • Precise Mission Parameters: For missions necessitating interventions, time travelers must rigorously adhere to the directives provided by Protocol M-57. Mission parameters must be executed with exactitude to minimize any deviations from the intended outcome.
  • Thorough Reports: Upon the conclusion of each mission, time travelers must expeditiously submit detailed reports outlining the actions taken and the resulting outcomes. These reports are crucial for maintaining accountability and oversight.

Penalties for Violations

  • Internal Adjudication: Any violations of Protocol M-57 will be subjected to internal adjudication by undisclosed authorities within the organization.
  • Sanctions: Violators face the risk of severe sanctions, ranging from reeducation to temporary suspension from time travel operations or even permanent exclusion from further involvement.
  • Erasure of Evidence: To uphold the integrity and secrecy of Protocol M-57, any traces of unauthorized temporal interventions must be expunged promptly and thoroughly.

Compliance with Protocol M-57 is unequivocally vital to the preservation of the multiverse and the safeguarding of the timelines’ integrity. As guardians of time, members must fully embrace their responsibilities, executing their missions with unwavering precision, secrecy and an unwavering commitment to preserving history as it is known.

Temporal Non interference Prime (TNP)

Time travelers must abstain from interfering in the natural development of civilizations across any timeline. Respect for each temporal existence’s right to evolve without undue manipulation remains inviolable.

Passive observation and comprehensive data collection take precedence over active interventions. Time travelers must refrain from altering the course of historical events unless explicitly authorized for specific missions.

Temporal Parallelism Precaution (TPP)

The Temporal Parallelism Precaution draws its foundations from the concept of parallel universes and alternate timelines. Time travelers must exercise great care to prevent actions that may lead to significant temporal divergences and the subsequent creation of alternate realities.

The Butterfly Effect: Even seemingly insignificant actions may unleash unforeseen consequences. To uphold temporal stability, time travelers must adhere to the principle of minimum intervention and exhibit a cautious approach throughout their operations.

Temporal Nexus Preservation (TNP)

The Temporal Nexus Preservation emphasizes the significance of safeguarding pivotal moments in history known as temporal nexuses. The fate of entire timelines hinges upon these critical junctures.

Non alteration of Temporal Nexuses: Time travelers must exercise extreme caution and restraint when navigating temporal nexuses, aiming to prevent unintended timeline divergences and maintain the established course of history.

Temporal Paradox Protocol (TPP)

The Temporal Paradox Protocol addresses the potential hazards of temporal paradoxes stemming from actions that could negate the existence of individuals or even time travelers themselves.

Paradox Avoidance: Careful consideration and assessment of actions are mandatory to avoid the creation of paradoxes, which have the potential to destabilize the fabric of the universes.

Temporal Continuum Integrity (TCI)

The Temporal Continuum Integrity underscores the paramount importance of preserving a stable and coherent timeline.

Precautionary Measures: Time travelers must continually monitor their temporal activities and swiftly make adjustments to mitigate any potential disruptions that may emerge.

Temporal Anonymity Directive (TAD)

The Temporal Anonymity Directive mandates that time travelers remain anonymous and refrain from revealing their true origins or the nature of their temporal capabilities.

Concealment Technology: Advanced concealment technology must be utilized to ensure time travelers’ presence remains undetected throughout their temporal missions.