Mobile IT Solutions

The internet and the digital realm have ushered in a revolutionary era transforming the way we conduct business and connect with the world. In this vast landscape of technology managing your mobile environment can feel like a daunting task. But fret not for Private Matrix‘s Managed Security Services are here to provide comprehensive mobility management solutions that optimize your mobile devices, enhance efficiency and security, control costs and alleviate headaches.

Our Mobile IT Solutions offer a holistic approach to mobility management encompassing every aspect from planning to implementation to device end of life. Here’s what you gain with Private Matrix‘s MMS & MDM Solutions:

  • Fortified Security: Harness the power of our multi-layered suite of security features to monitor all devices accessing corporate data and information. We offer a singular, comprehensive window of control for all company information transmitted through personal or corporate devices.
  • End-User Assistance: Our fully staffed help desk is at your service round the clock, alleviating the burden on your IT department and providing support to your mobile device users.
  • Cost Reduction: Minimize expenses by optimizing rate plans, reducing unused lines, consolidating invoices, and preventing overages.
  • Reporting Services: Make informed business decisions with insights into device usage and end-user activity across your entire organization.

Here’s what we offer with our Managed Mobility Services (MMS) which streamline the management of your mobile devices boosting efficiency, cost effectiveness, security and insights throughout the mobile device lifecycle.

  • Mobility Strategy & Planning: Collaborate with us to develop policies, establish structural architecture, and define and achieve your mobility goals.
  • Device Procurement and Deployment: Trust us to handle the procurement, provisioning, and deployment of new devices, as well as the implementation of the MMS system on existing devices.
  • Unlimited Help Desk Support: Our fully staffed Help Desk is always available to assist your mobile device users, eliminating costs and reducing the burden on your IT department.
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: Empower management and executives with on-demand reports and in-depth analytics on device usage.
  • Mobile Device Monitoring: Rely on us to monitor email traffic, device roaming information, compliance with corporate policies, and device provisioning and updates.
  • Device End-of-Life Management: Ensure network security by preventing lost or stolen devices from accessing it, retiring old devices, and ensuring security with pre-recycle factory resets.

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions simplify and align with your security objectives by leveraging Private Matrix‘s end-to-end mobile device management service. Here’s what we offer:

  • Establish a Security Foundation: Construct a robust foundation with multiple endpoint security layers and exercise control over data flow outside trusted mobile apps and devices.
  • Policy Development & MDM Deployment: Craft a concrete enterprise mobility policy tailored to your infrastructure, and deploy it across all existing devices.
  • Device Lifecycle Management: Ensure end-user satisfaction and corporate security through simplified and streamlined device lifecycle management.
  • End User Support: Resolve employee issues promptly with three tiers of end-user support, supplemented by training and informational resources.
  • Monitoring & Reporting: Gain visibility into device health and compliance through on-demand or scheduled reporting.

With Private Matrix‘s Managed Security Services you can safeguard your organization’s security architecture against vulnerabilities. Our mobile device management solutions are equipped with a multi-layered suite of security features across all major mobile device platforms, granting you a unified, comprehensive control center for all company information transmitted through personal or corporate devices. Furthermore our complementary services such as Managed Cybersecurity, Managed Cloud, Managed User and Professional and Field Services seamlessly converge to offer the highest level of protection against threats.

At Private Matrix we specialize in optimizing your mobile environment through unified endpoint management, mobile device management and mobility management services that harmoniously interplay to drive cost savings. By lifting the burden of device management from your IT department we pave the way for an optimized mobile environment. Contact us today to discover how Private Matrix can help elevate your mobile environment.