Investor Relations

Dear investors,

We are excited to present an exceptional investment opportunity in Private Matrix, a pioneering company in the rapidly expanding realm of decentralized storage, as the demand for secure and reliable data storage solutions continues to surge and Private Matrix is at the forefront of this digital revolution leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to redefine the standards of decentralized storage.

The global decentralized storage market is projected to reach a staggering valuation of $16.2 billion by 2026 driven by escalating concerns about data privacy, security and the widespread adoption of cloud based technologies. Private Matrix faces competition from established and emerging players such as Sia, Storj, Swarm, Arweave, IPFS, OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. However it sets itself apart with its distinctive approach and innovative solutions that ensure unparalleled data retention and integrity.

The market opportunity before us is momentous, with a burgeoning demand for secure and steadfast decentralized storage solutions across industries and applications. Private Matrix, with its ingenious fusion of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies is poised to seize a substantial share of this market. By investing in Private Matrix you position yourself at the forefront of the digital revolution and become an integral part of the future of decentralized storage.

Market Opportunity

Private Matrix embarks on a transformative journey within the realm of decentralized storage, an ever expanding domain fueled by the surging need for trustworthy and impervious data storage solutions. According to the visionary minds at MarketsandMarkets the global decentralized storage market surged to a remarkable valuation of $4.4 billion in 2020 prophesying a boundless ascent to a staggering $16.2 billion by 2026. This technological uprising is propelled by a myriad of factors including the prolific generation of data by both individuals and enterprises, escalating concerns surrounding data confidentiality and safeguarding and the ubiquitous embrace of cloud driven technologies. Moreover the tumultuous tides of the COVID-19 pandemic have expedited the metamorphosis towards digitalization, bestowing upon us an urgent necessity for scalable and fortified storage solutions.

Within this vast digital landscape, Private Matrix finds itself amidst a mosaic of competitors, a collective ensemble comprising venerable institutions and nascent disruptors offering their unique takes on decentralized storage. Amongst these esteemed contenders reside names such as Sia, Storj, Swarm, Arweave, IPFS, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox each weaving their own intricate narratives of innovation. However, Private Matrix and their technology AIFS stands apart with its ingenious fusion of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, an alchemical blend that endows it with unrivaled prowess in preserving the sanctity and coherence of data.

In light of these profound developments the market opportunity that lies before is momentous, beckoning towards an unprecedented crescendo. A burgeoning demand for secure and steadfast decentralized storage solutions resonates across diverse industries and a multitude of application scenarios. Positioned at the vanguard of this epochal shift, Private Matrix is poised to seize a substantial share of this burgeoning market as it unfolds its captivating narrative, perpetually expanding and evolving with boundless potential.

Competitive Landscape and Market Analysis

In the realm of decentralized storage several prominent players have emerged, each contributing their unique offerings to the evolving digital landscape. Let’s explore the market presence and strengths of some key players in this space.

Sia is a decentralized storage platform that revolutionizes data storage by leveraging a network of interconnected nodes. With a market cap of approximately $260 million USD as of May 10, 2023, Sia has established prominence in the digital storage realm. It securely stores data across its decentralized web, providing users with a revolutionary approach to data storage.

Storj focuses on cloud storage and utilizes blockchain technology to deliver secure and highly efficient data storage solutions. As of May 10, 2023, Storj has a market cap of approximately $145 million USD, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in the digital realm.

Swarm, built upon the Ethereum framework offers a decentralized storage platform that also facilitates communication. With a market cap of around $30 million USD as of May 10, 2023, Swarm affirms its presence in the evolving landscape of digital storage. It provides a haven for a vast array of information traversing the interconnected web.

Arweave stands out as a decentralized storage network fortified by blockchain technology, providing a permanent sanctuary for valuable information. With a market cap of approximately $900 million USD as of May 10, 2023, Arweave emerges as a stalwart in safeguarding our digital heritage. Its enduring nature and secure storage solutions make it a prominent player in the market.

IPFS is a decentralized protocol that reimagines the storage and accessibility of files, websites and applications. While IPFS itself is not a listed company and lacks a market cap, its transformative potential permeates the digital fabric. Embraced by numerous blockchain projects, including Filecoin, IPFS embodies the pioneering spirit of our interconnected digital universe.

In addition to the decentralized storage players, centralized cloud storage platforms such as OneDrive, Google Docs (part of Alphabet), and Dropbox remain popular choices for conventional data management needs. While not decentralized these platforms have enduring presence and serve as reliable options for users seeking convenient data storage and collaboration solutions. Microsoft the parent company of OneDrive commands a market cap of approximately $3.2 trillion USD as of May 2023 while Alphabet the parent company of Google has a market cap of approximately $2.6 trillion USD as of the same date while Dropbox a cloud based file hosting and storage platform has a market cap of approximately $7.8 billion USD as of May 2023.

It’s important to note that while the market caps of traditional cloud storage behemoths like Microsoft and Google surpass those of decentralized storage companies like Sia and Storj, which showcasess that the decentralized storage market holds immense potential for future growth within our interconnected digital landscape.

In this competitive market Private Matrix aims to position itself uniquely with its distinctive approach, innovative technology and commitment to data retention and integrity. By leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, Private Matrix seeks to offer unrivaled data storage solutions and elevate the standards of decentralized storage. With its visionary founder and a focus on attracting exceptional talent, Private Matrix strives to capture substantial market share and generate extraordinary returns for its investors.

Product Offering

Private Matrix AIFS (Array Infinite File System) provides a decentralized haven for secure data storage. Powered by blockchain technology, AIFS ensures the immutability and accessibility of files across the interconnected realm. It offers an impregnable fortress against hackers, data breaches and security risks. Enterprises and individuals entrusted with sensitive information cherish this sanctuary, where data integrity is meticulously maintained.

Business Model

Private Matrix operates on a subscription based business model, with customers paying monthly, annual, or ‘lifetime’ fees for data replication services. The company crafts a range of plans tailored to diverse needs and preferences, offering competitive pricing that resonates with elegance. Private Matrix envisions additional revenue streams through value added services such as data backup and recovery, migration and archiving. Collaboration and partnerships with blockchain and cloud storage industries further expand the company’s offerings and revenue potential.

Management Team

Private Matrix is guided by Jake Wert who assumes the role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Mr. Wert boasts an extensive background in cybersecurity, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over 29 years. Throughout his career he has cultivated a reputation for establishing successful cybersecurity enterprises and introducing groundbreaking solutions to clients. Prior to embarking on the journey with Private Matrix, Mr. Wert spearheaded multiple cybersecurity, MSP and Telecom ventures, collaborating closely with diverse clients across various industries to identify and tackle their distinctive security obstacles.

In conjunction with Mr. Wert’s exceptional proficiency Private Matrix is actively in pursuit of filling crucial positions within its management team and is devoted to attracting and retaining exceptional talent with a wide range of skills and backgrounds. Recognizing that assembling the right team is paramount to accomplishing its business objectives and delivering value to clients, Private Matrix seeks individuals who harbor a genuine passion for cybersecurity and possess an intricate understanding of the industry’s ever evolving trends.

As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Private Matrix, Jason Bethurum plays a crucial role in driving financial excellence and maintaining strong investor relations. With his extensive background in finance and deep understanding of the cybersecurity industry, Jason brings strategic financial leadership to the organization.

In his role as CFO Jason oversees the company’s financial operations including financial planning, analysis, budgeting and risk management and collaborates closely with the executive team to develop and execute financial strategies that accelerate revenue growth and profitability and ensures transparency, trust and effective communication with current and potential investors, cultivating strong relationships that contribute to the company’s success.

With his comprehensive knowledge of both finance and cybersecurity, Jason bridges the gap between technical complexities and financial implications, providing investors with a holistic understanding of Private Matrix‘s value proposition and growth potential. He regularly provides updates on the company’s financial performance, industry trends and growth opportunities empowering investors to make informed decisions.

Jason’s commitment to financial excellence, transparency and investor satisfaction contributes to Private Matrix‘s reputation as a trusted and reliable cybersecurity partner. He understands the importance of aligning the company’s financial goals with the expectations and interests of shareholders, creating a strong foundation for long term success.

Private Matrix firmly believes in fostering a team that is diverse, inclusive and collaborative. The company seeks individuals who not only exhibit technical prowess but also boast strong communication and interpersonal abilities. Creativity, problem solving acumen and a penchant for exploring unconventional avenues to yield results for clients are highly valued traits. Committed to nurturing professional growth, Private Matrix offers ongoing opportunities for development to its team members, cultivating a supportive work environment that fosters innovation and excellence.

Investment Opportunity

Private Matrix is seeking $10 million in Series A funding to power its dynamic growth and expansion, with a pre-money valuation of $25 million and a post-money valuation of $35 million, this investment presents an enticing opportunity for investors, the Series A funding aims to deliver a 10x return on investment. Private Matrix remains committed to transparency, providing regular updates on progress and growth to investors.

By investing in Private Matrix you join a company that fearlessly navigates a rapidly growing market armed with a unique product offering. With a formidable team and a robust business model Private Matrix is poised to capture substantial market share and generate extraordinary returns for its investors.

We invite you to embrace this remarkable opportunity and become a part of the future of decentralized storage. Join Private Matrix today and position yourself at the forefront of the digital revolution.

For any inquiries or further information, please reach out to us. We are eager to discuss the exciting potential of investing in Private Matrix.