Investor Relations

Dear investors,

Do not overlook the remarkable opportunity to invest in Private Matrix AIFS, a company operating in the swiftly progressing realm of decentralized storage. The technological landscape has witnessed a steady rise in the decentralized storage market. This surge is fueled by the escalating demand for secure and dependable data storage solutions along with mounting concerns about data privacy, security and the ever-increasing adoption of cloud-based technologies which give the industry projected global size of $16.2 billion by 2026.

While Private Matrix AIFS faces competition from both established and emerging companies such as Sia, Storj, Swarm, Arweave, IPFS, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, it distinguishes itself with a distinctive and innovative approach to decentralized storage. Through the utilization of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, Private Matrix AIFS ensures unrivaled data retention and integrity, elevating the standards of decentralized storage.

By embracing this opportunity and investing in Private Matrix AIFS, you will position yourself at the forefront of the digital revolution. Join us today and become an integral part of the future of decentralized storage.

Market Opportunity

Private Matrix AIFS embarks on a transformative journey within the realm of decentralized storage, an ever-expanding domain fueled by the surging need for trustworthy and impervious data storage solutions. According to the visionary minds at MarketsandMarkets, the global decentralized storage market surged to a remarkable valuation of $4.4 billion in 2020, prophesying a boundless ascent to a staggering $16.2 billion by 2026. This technological uprising is propelled by a myriad of factors, including the prolific generation of data by both individuals and enterprises, escalating concerns surrounding data confidentiality and safeguarding, and the ubiquitous embrace of cloud-driven technologies. Moreover, the tumultuous tides of the COVID-19 pandemic have expedited the metamorphosis towards digitalization, bestowing upon us an urgent necessity for scalable and fortified storage solutions.

Within this vast digital landscape, Private Matrix AIFS finds itself amidst a mosaic of competitors, a collective ensemble comprising venerable institutions and nascent disruptors offering their unique takes on decentralized storage. Amongst these esteemed contenders reside names such as Sia, Storj, Swarm, Arweave, IPFS, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, each weaving their own intricate narratives of innovation. However, Private Matrix AIFS stands apart with its ingenious fusion of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, an alchemical blend that endows it with unrivaled prowess in preserving the sanctity and coherence of data.

In light of these profound developments, the market opportunity that lies before Private Matrix AIFS is momentous, beckoning towards an unprecedented crescendo. A burgeoning demand for secure and steadfast decentralized storage solutions resonates across diverse industries and a multitude of application scenarios. Positioned at the vanguard of this epochal shift, Private Matrix AIFS is poised to seize a substantial share of this burgeoning market as it unfolds its captivating narrative, perpetually expanding and evolving with boundless potential.

Competitive Landscape

In the vast landscape of decentralized storage, an intricate tapestry of digital realms unravels before us. Here, amidst the intricacies of the internet, we encounter several prominent players, each weaving their unique threads into the fabric of this technological domain. Let us traverse this digital cosmos and explore the diverse offerings of Sia, Storj, Swarm, Arweave, IPFS, and Filecoin.

Sia beckons us with its decentralized storage platform, a realm where hosts are enticed to share their storage space and bandwidth through the medium of a cryptocurrency known as Siacoin. Offering unparalleled customizability, Sia bestows upon us a marketplace where users can exchange payment for storage while node operators reap the rewards of Siacoin for their valuable contributions.

In this expansive terrain, Storj emerges as a beacon of distinction. Empowered by its cryptocurrency, STORJ, Storj entices node operators to offer their storage capacity and bandwidth. Employing the art of erasure coding, Storj spreads data redundantly across the network, imbuing it with an unrivaled level of fortification, seldom found within the realm of decentralized storage.

Now, let us turn our gaze toward Swarm, a dominion interwoven with the very fabric of the Ethereum blockchain. Nestled within its intricate lattice, Swarm not only offers decentralized storage but also facilitates communication. Its alluring tapestry encompasses decentralized messaging and web hosting, all while maintaining its steadfast commitment to decentralized storage. To further cement its reliability, Swarm boasts a meticulously crafted reputation system, ensuring the trustworthiness of its esteemed node operators.

As we venture forth, we stumble upon Arweave, a realm characterized by its unique consensus mechanism known as “proof of access.” Within this realm, nodes are propelled to store data through the promise of incentive. Arweave’s crowning glory lies in its ability to eternally etch data onto the blockchain, an unprecedented level of permanence that sets it apart from other decentralized storage domains.

Behold the majesty of IPFS, a realm where files and data reside in a harmonious peer-to-peer network, unshackled from the clutches of centralized servers. Here, content-addressed data reigns supreme, as files are identified by their cryptographic hash, transcending the barriers of physical location. IPFS, built upon the foundations of existing internet protocols, grants us the power to forge decentralized applications and services, thus weaving an intricate tapestry of connectivity.

Finally, let us direct our gaze towards Filecoin, a domain that thrives on incentivizing the storage and retrieval of data within the IPFS network. Embodied by its very own cryptocurrency, Filecoin breathes life into a marketplace where users exchange payment for storage while node operators amass Filecoin for their contributions. Fortifying this domain is the ingenious Proof of Replication, a mechanism ensuring the authenticity of stored data, safeguarding the integrity of this digital realm.

Within this ever-evolving realm, we find a promising solution known as AIFS (Array Infinite File System), an oasis of secure and reliable data storage coveted by enterprises. In stark contrast to traditional RAID solutions, AIFS emerges as an impregnable fortress, warding off the specter of data loss with its heightened levels of redundancy. Moreover, AIFS embraces flexibility, allowing its deployment on standard desktop PCs or servers adorned with Windows NTFS and BitLocker, thus epitomizing the dexterity demanded by modern enterprises in the realm of data storage.

Competitive Market Analysis

Sia: Enter Sia, a decentralized storage platform that unveils a revolutionary approach to data storage in our digital landscape. By harnessing the power of a network of interconnected nodes, users can securely store their data across this decentralized web. As of May 10, 2023, Sia boasts an approximate market cap of $260 million USD, marking its prominence in the realm of digital storage.

Storj: In the realm of cloud storage, Storj emerges as a notable player, employing blockchain technology to deliver a secure and highly efficient data storage experience. By leveraging the potential of this digital ledger, Storj carves its niche in the ever-evolving technological terrain. With a market cap of approximately $145 million USD as of May 10, 2023, Storj manifests its resilience and adaptability in the digital realm.

Swarm: Welcome to Swarm, a decentralized storage platform meticulously built upon the Ethereum framework. Offering a distributed network for data storage, Swarm embodies the spirit of our digital era, providing a haven for the vast array of information traversing the interconnected web. As of May 10, 2023, Swarm’s market cap stands at around $30 million USD, affirming its presence amidst the evolving landscape of digital storage.

Arweave: A testament to the enduring nature of data, Arweave strides forward as a decentralized storage network fortified by blockchain technology. Within this digital tapestry, Arweave provides a permanent sanctuary for valuable information, anchoring it securely for eternity. With a market cap of approximately $900 million USD as of May 10, 2023, Arweave emerges as a stalwart in safeguarding our digital heritage.

IPFS: Prepare to embark on a journey through the vast realms of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a decentralized protocol that reimagines the storage and accessibility of files, websites, and applications. Embraced by numerous blockchain projects, including Filecoin, IPFS epitomizes the pioneering spirit of our interconnected digital universe. While IPFS itself is not a listed company and lacks a market cap, its transformative potential permeates the digital fabric.

OneDrive: Enter OneDrive, a cloud storage platform birthed by the technological prowess of Microsoft. Although not decentralized, OneDrive remains a popular choice for conventional cloud storage needs. Its parent company, Microsoft, commands a colossal market cap of approximately $3.2 trillion USD as of May 10, 2023, a testament to their significant presence in our digital epoch.

Google Docs: Unveiling a cloud-based word processing and productivity suite, Google Docs encapsulates the ingenuity of Google within the digital realm. While not decentralized, Google Docs has become a cornerstone for conventional cloud storage and collaboration. Under the umbrella of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, their vast market cap of approximately $2.6 trillion USD as of May 10, 2023, underlines their dominance in the ever-expanding digital landscape.

Dropbox: As we traverse the digital domain, we encounter Dropbox, a cloud-based file hosting and storage platform that, while not decentralized, remains a popular choice for users seeking convenient data management. With a market cap of approximately $7.8 billion USD as of May 10, 2023, Dropbox exudes its enduring presence amidst the ebb and flow of technological evolution.

In terms of market cap, the traditional cloud storage behemoths such as Microsoft and Google outshine their decentralized counterparts like Sia and Storj. Nonetheless, the decentralized storage market holds immense potential for future growth within our interconnected digital tapestry. While estimating the combined market cap of the aforementioned decentralized storage companies to be around $1.4 billion USD, it’s crucial to acknowledge that this value serves as a mere approximation,

Product Offering

Private Matrix AIFS beckons us into the digital expanse, offering a decentralized haven where files find solace in secure seclusion. It harnesses the power of blockchain technology, casting an unyielding shield of immutability upon our cherished data, while bestowing upon us unfettered accessibility and unparalleled convenience.

With Private Matrix AIFS, the bounds of geography fade into insignificance as files effortlessly traverse the digital terrain, accessible to us from any corner of our interconnected realm. Within this digital fortress, users can rest assured, for their precious data finds refuge from the nefarious exploits of hackers, the menacing specter of data breaches, and the encroaching shadows of security risks. This sanctuary becomes a sanctuary particularly cherished by enterprises and individuals entrusted with sensitive information, where the very fabric of data integrity is meticulously woven and maintained.

In essence, Private Matrix AIFS presents an extraordinary and groundbreaking panacea to the pressing challenges of data storage and security, poised to reshape the very tapestry of how businesses and individuals alike safeguard and manage their invaluable digital troves.

Business Model

Private Matrix AIFS embarks on a digital odyssey, weaving its purpose amidst the ever-shifting landscape of technology and connectivity. Its noble mission revolves around bestowing decentralized sanctuaries of secure storage upon businesses and individuals. In this age where centralized cloud storage services stand vulnerable to the menacing forces of security breaches and data loss, Private Matrix AIFS stands as a beacon of hope, wielding its unique technological prowess to forge a more impregnable and efficient haven for our treasured data.

The orchestration of revenue within Private Matrix AIFS dances to the rhythm of a subscription-based symphony. Customers partake in this melodious offering, paying a monthly, annual, or even a ‘lifetime’ fee for the invaluable services of data replication. Private Matrix AIFS artfully crafts a palette of plans, each bearing its distinct allure, tailored to accommodate diverse needs and preferences. And amidst the grand tapestry of storage providers in the market, the pricing of these plans emerges as a harmonious balance, resonating with competitive elegance.

Yet, Private Matrix AIFS is not content to confine itself within the boundaries of storage alone. It envisions a realm where revenue springs forth from additional offerings, an enchanting ensemble of value-added services. Data backup and recovery, the ethereal dance of data migration, and the timeless art of data archiving all find their place within this symphony. Through these supplemental harmonies, Private Matrix AIFS unveils a more comprehensive tapestry of data management, enriching the lives of its customers while charting new avenues for revenue to flourish.

In this grand cosmic ballet, Private Matrix AIFS opens its arms to the possibility of partnership and collaboration. It seeks kindred spirits within the realms of blockchain and cloud storage industries, forging alliances that transcend the individual to create a harmonious chorus. These alliances unlock doors to expanded offerings, providing a bountiful array of services that embrace diversity and cater to the ever-evolving needs of customers. Moreover, through these harmonious bonds, Private Matrix AIFS expands its reach, embracing a broader audience and summoning forth new streams of revenue to flow into its digital realm.

Management Team

The Digital Web AIFS is guided by its visionary founder, Jake Wert, who assumes the roles of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Mr. Wert boasts an extensive background in cybersecurity, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over 29 years. Throughout his career, he has cultivated a reputation for establishing successful cybersecurity enterprises and introducing groundbreaking solutions to clients. Prior to embarking on the journey with Digital Web AIFS, Mr. Wert spearheaded multiple cybersecurity ventures, collaborating closely with diverse clients across various industries to identify and tackle their distinctive security obstacles.

In conjunction with Mr. Wert’s exceptional proficiency, Digital Web AIFS is actively in pursuit of filling crucial positions within its management team. The company is devoted to attracting and retaining exceptional talent with a wide range of skills and backgrounds. Recognizing that assembling the right team is paramount to accomplishing its business objectives and delivering value to clients, Digital Web AIFS seeks individuals who harbor a genuine passion for cybersecurity and possess an intricate understanding of the industry’s ever-evolving trends.

Digital Web AIFS firmly believes in fostering a team that is diverse, inclusive, and collaborative. The company seeks individuals who not only exhibit technical prowess but also boast strong communication and interpersonal abilities. Creativity, problem-solving acumen, and a penchant for exploring unconventional avenues to yield results for clients are highly valued traits. Committed to nurturing professional growth, Digital Web AIFS offers ongoing opportunities for development to its team members, cultivating a supportive work environment that fosters innovation and excellence.

Investment Opportunity

Private Matrix is embarking on a remarkable journey, seeking to secure a substantial $10 million in Series A funding to power the company’s dynamic growth and expansion aspirations. This infusion of capital will fuel the recruitment of exceptional talent, fuel pioneering research and development endeavors, and propel the amplification of sales and marketing initiatives.

Within this venture lies an enticing proposition for potential investors, as the terms of the investment showcase a pre-money valuation of $25 million, skyrocketing to an impressive post-money valuation of $35 million. Anchored in equity financing, the Series A funding round aims to deliver an enticing 10x return on investment for those involved. As Private Matrix navigates the digital landscape, it remains committed to offering transparent updates to its esteemed investors, detailing the strides made in progress and growth.

Investors embarking on this thrilling endeavor will be bestowed with a remarkable opportunity to engage with a company that dauntlessly confronts a rapidly burgeoning market, armed with a distinct and innovative product offering. Armed with a formidable team and a robust business model, Private Matrix stands firmly poised to seize substantial market share and generate extraordinary returns for its investors.