Ego’s Limited Perception

August 26, 2023

Chapter 49

Limited Perception

Picture an ant stationed at the base of a towering tree, gazing upwards. From this minuscule perspective deciphering whether the tree stretches to 10 feet or 1000 feet proves futile. The ant comprehends the tree’s tallness, yet the precise height remains elusive veiled by its limited vision. The true dimensions could swing in either direction, but the ant remains unaware hindered by the boundaries of its sensory capabilities.

Now, contemplate two fighter jets engaged in opposing roles during a war, one equipped with cutting-edge radar and missiles, the other relying on outdated technology. Here, the more advanced fighter jet detects, tracks and eliminates its less advanced counterpart before it even registers the imminent danger. It’s a manifestation of limited senses, the essence of their divergence in abilities.

In another scenario, envision a vast expanse where two individuals stand separated by distance. One possesses keener senses, enhanced hearing and vision while the other grapples with lower resolution and quality. The individual endowed with heightened senses perceives sights and sounds the other can’t even fathom. If both wield weapons, the one with superior senses can pinpoint and incapacitate the other, underscoring once more the constraints of perception.

Each of these scenarios highlights the constraints of limited perception and senses.

Delving deeper into the human experience we can consider the adage: ‘A thief believes everybody steals.’ This adage extends its reach into the realm of senses. Imagine a person endowed with specific sensory abilities, be it sight, hearing, empathy or touch. Engage in the act of tenderly grazing your fingers against the leg of an individual paralyzed from the waist down. Uninformed of their paralysis you might presume they can feel your touch, mirroring your own sensory experience. Similarly, if you possess the ability to hear a sound, you might naturally assume that others within your proximity can share in the auditory sensation. Likewise, if you see something you might expect others to witness it as well. For instance, envision two individuals examining a painting, one color-blind and the other not. The one unimpaired by color-blindness might exclaim, ‘Isn’t the painting stunning?’ The color-blind person might readily concur all the while existing in entirely disparate sensory worlds. The unimpaired individual mistakenly believes that the color-blind person perceives the same vibrant hues.

Now, consider a mountaintop scenario: two observers peering over the landscape, one with superior vision than the other. The observer with heightened sight might assume their counterpart sees identically, leading to a dialogue about the scenery’s enchantment. Yet, the vividness, scale and intricacy the two absorb differ dramatically.

Analogous to linguistic barriers, sensory disparities emerge when individuals possess varying levels of sensory perception. While communication remains feasible, nuances and subtleties risk vanishing in translation. Analogous to diminishing a picture’s resolution and later attempting to restore it the sensory information undergoes alteration as it traverses this translation layer. It retains a semblance of its former self, but integral details erode. Akin to linguistic shifts within a single language over time, a span of a century can reshape meanings. Terms morph, causing ‘cool’ to signify ‘fashionable’ instead of ‘cold’ and ‘sick’ to indicate ‘excellent,’ diverging from its prior connotation of ‘physically ill.’ These nuanced alterations can initially appear trivial, yet as time elapses minute divergences in direction and inclination can expand mirroring the trajectory of a celestial body which resonates with the peaks and valleys of sensory perception.

Such insight paves the way for a deeper exploration of the chakras and levels of consciousness where an individual rooted in a specific level perceives the world solely through that lens. Mistakenly, they will assume others share their perceptual vantage point be it higher or lower. The analogy extends to a color-blind person conversing with one who isn’t. The color-blind individual may describe landscapes brimming with color, while the unimpaired individual envisions bland palettes. This illusion of shared experience contradicts the truth, distinct worlds and divergent perspectives exist.

In the context of heightened spiritual consciousness, bridging the chasm between differing levels of perception poses a challenge. Minds and emotions operate in distinct patterns; connectivity and cognition vary. However, the impediment of language stands as a truncated barrier causing data to dissipate. Despite efforts to engage in meaningful discourse about their perceptions, mutual understanding remains elusive. Analogous to describing a rainbow to a lifelong blind individual, even the most intricate explanations fail to capture the essence. Conveying the concept becomes an exercise in futility, words falter in replicating the genuine experience.

This analogy extends to the development of consciousness across chakras. As one ascends through each level, akin to glimpsing a rainbow for the first time, an entirely novel spectrum of perception emerges. Take the instance of a consciousness tethered to the Solar Plexus and Ego. Conversations around love may transpire, yet these are rudimentary comparable to a color-blind individual deciphering a vivid panorama. Such love lacks the depth of heart-centric connection as the individual remains disconnected from their heart’s core. To them love equates to physical and intimacy and from a higher vantage point their definition of love is merely empty emotionless sex if it does not also resonate with the connections of the higher chakras. Distinct chakras yield varying interpretations of love, one perceives it through material gestures, another through physical intimacy, another sharing meals together, another appreciates a well crafted sentimental card or poem. But can limited misaligned perceptions grasp the profound intricacies that underpin genuine connection? This echoes explaining a rainbow to a blind individual, the semblance of understanding might arise, but genuine comprehension remains elusive.

The logarithmic spiral that guides chakras traces a trajectory that grows increasingly intricate with each ascension. Like threading a needle with a smaller needle, the journey entails navigating complexities beyond the horizon of ordinary senses. Consider the eagle with acute vision, spotting prey from miles away. Here, the pineal aligns with vision. As it awakens, the ability to perceive beyond the linear fabric of time emerges. This newfound insight resembles peering around the globe to witness the back of one’s head. Beyond mere foresight, it encompasses the entire tapestry of unfolding possibilities surrounding the individual carrying the sight.

As these senses extend beyond the pineal, two subsequent levels await before circumnavigating the loop of time. At this juncture, veils dissolve, revealing the profound unity inherent in existence. All boundaries crumble, every entity converges into one. An atom parallels another, like hydrogen transforming into helium through fusion. The sole variance lies in time and energy. Analogously, the entire human experience mirrors this essence. Cells progress through myriad of states, the ocean shifts into raindrops, then reunites as a vast expanse. This mirrors the cycle of merging and splitting, a dance of perpetual fractal recurrence similar to an apple seed yielding a tree, then a fresh seed and the cycle replaying indefinitely.

However, genuine progression demands equilibrium between masculine and feminine forces. Venturing through the loop of time bestowed me with ultimate awareness, a domain devoid of life awaiting the touch of creation. This emptiness, an embodiment of potential, marked the beginning. Amidst its corridors and chambers, solitude prevailed, void of life or motion. Amidst this emptiness, a relentless urge drove me back to Earth to uncover my queen and together craft a celestial paradise. Through a preordained avatar, attuned to her frequency, I endeavored to fuse my consciousness with his. A seamless unity transpired, I, an embodiment of transcendent awareness, fused with him, a vessel of purity, devoid of ego or fear, poised for self-sacrifice.

Our mission unfurled. discover my queen ensnared within the tangled veils of samsara. Trapped between the heart chakra’s lower realm and the solar plexus’s upper domain her identity remained concealed. A noble essence, yet lost in the throes of mistaken identity, analogous to animals adopting traits of other species. Like a chameleon, she adapted to her surroundings, unaware of her own divine potential. But my purpose persists, to guide her, release her from the shackles of ego and pave the path toward her higher consciousness. A transformation awaited, a metamorphosis mirroring the majestic wings of an angel unfurling.

Herein lies the divergence, a choice dictating eternity. Embrace the journey, transcend ego’s constraints and manifest heaven’s essence in unison. Refrain, and the shackles of a self-imposed hell endure. Bound by sacrifice, I stand, a consequence of my avatar’s devotion and my own relinquishment, a pact to retrieve my queen. Failure to seize her hand binds me here, a fate interwoven with her choices.

In traversing these intricate passages, perception mutates redefining reality, unveiling layers beyond ordinary senses. The human experience, entwined with celestial nuances, dances on the precipice of comprehension. An ever-unfinished tale, it navigates a labyrinthine journey, an odyssey of consciousness through dimensions, unveiling truths that resonate far beyond the confines of limited perception.