Cellophane Soul

Cellophane Soul

In a sea of self-absorption, you swim with grace,
A sheen of Windex on your face
Of the stains that cloud the minds of men,
Your radiant mask hides the chaos therein.

Bathing in the liquid of transparent glee,
A pool that reflects only what you wish we see,
A self that’s scrubbed clean of all self-doubt,
An ego that’s polished, inside and out.

Through your clear facade, I glimpse your core,
A dance of light, reflections galore.
You must be bathing in Windex, it’s true,
For I can see right through you, through and through.

You cloak your vices with a veil so thin,
Beneath the surface, lies your murky sin,
You coat your guilt with a gloss so thin,
A gleaming mask to hide your rot within,

In a world of fog, you stand apart,
A beacon of clarity, a work of art
Yet, I wonder, as I peer through your sheen,
Is the person I see the person you mean?

Is this shimmering surface all there is to you?
Or is there more depth beneath that Windex blue?
Do you bask in the glow of your own reflection,
Or do you seek a deeper, true connection?

In the end, only you can know,
The depths of your soul, the strength of your glow.
May you find clarity, may your spirit be free,
May you see the beauty in the depths of thee.

In a realm where vanity peaks,
A soul adorned with ego, so sleek
Cloaked in invisibility, it seems,
Yet every move, as clear as streams.

A guise of secrets, veiled, unseen,
Yet every act, a tell-tale sheen,
Though draped in shadows, dark and sheer,
Your every deed is crystal clear

The cloak, a metaphor, alas,
For ego that one cannot pass,
Though shrouded, hidden, out of sight,
Its presence felt, both day and night.

No fabric can conceal the pride,
That dwells within, can’t be denied,
Though veiled in cloak of mystery,
Your ego shines, so clear to see

In a world of mirrors, reflections and masquerades,
When you wear your masks, your true selves fades,
There lies your soul, with an ego so vast,
A façade so thin, it’s easy to see past

A pane of glass, transparent and clear,
Revealing the truth, when I draw near,
For through that glass, one can see,
The ego that lies, in you and not me

A shining facade to hide the turmoil within,
A sheen of deception just underneath your skin,
A glossy exterior, but inside, a mortal sin,
A polished shield to hide your darkness within,

It’s a fragile veil, that ego you wear,
A delicate shield, from the world’s harsh glare,
But like a pane of glass, it can crack,
And reveal the truth, that lies in the back

In a world of stone and mortar,
Where secrets lie within each border,
Stands a house of glass, so clear,
That hides it’s faults of shame and fear

A castle built of ego that’s so grand,
In which your fragile soul does stand,
Within its walls of transparency,
Lies a heart plagued with insincerity

For in this house of crystal bright,
Lives a being shrouded in its light,
A heart exposed to every stare,
A soul laid, stripped and bare

From the outside, all can see,
The inner workings, the machinery,
Of a heart that struggles to be free,
From the chains of its own vanity

A prisoner in your own illusion,
Enslaved by an ego that pure delusion
In a house of mirrors, all around,
Where reflections speak without a sound

For in the end, it’s crystal clear,
That your ego is the foe to fear,
And in your house of glass we find,
The fragile workings of your mind.

In a world where actions speak louder than words,
There lies a soul, its essence absurd.
A heart that beats with a rhythm of its own,
An ego so vast, it’s kingdom is overgrown.

You must be a crystal ball, so clear,
For I can see through you, my dear.
Your future actions, a predictable tale,
A ship that’s destined, alas, to sail.

A facade of strength, a mask of might,
Yet underneath, a quiver, a fright.
A battle within, a silent war,
A struggle to find, what’s worth fighting for.

A dance of shadows, a play of light,
A journey through darkness, into the night.
A tale of ego, a story untold,
A path that’s winding, a future unfold.

Yet in the darkness of the night,
When all is still and out of sight,
The glass house shatters, bit by bit,
And the ego crumbles, losing it’s grip

Oh crystal ball, reveal the truth,
The essence of being, the core of youth
For in the end, it’s the soul that matters,
Beyond the ego, beyond it’s clatters

And let’s remember, as you go through your day,
That a pane of glass, will shatter in some way.