AIFS 1.0 WhitePaper

Array Infinite File System – AIFS Standard v1.0

Developer(s): Private Matrix

Initial Release: 02/1/2019
Stable Release: 05/5/2019

OSI Layers: 2,3,4,5
Repository: N/A
Written in: VB Script, Batch Script, C+
Operating system: Windows/NTFS
License: Perpetual

AIFS is a set of closed source software utilities and scripts that enable the use of a network of computers for storing data over encrypted transport pathways with a high level of redundancy. A fully populated AIFS matrix of 274,941,996,890,625 nodes can achieve redundancy of up to 99.9999999999995%. Moreover, multiple AIFS matrices can be interconnected to create infinitely scalable redundancy.

AIFS is based on a neural network and storage array that leverages existing file systems while combining multiple technologies. The nodes in the network may or may not have their own software or hardware file system encryption, parity, or other features enabled that are not directly managed by AIFS. Additionally, one or more transport encryption layers may exist between the nodes.

AIFS is well-suited for low latency satellite communications and connections with intermittent outages. In case of prolonged outages, accurate clock synchronization times must be maintained across nodes to avoid desyncs, as misalignments can cause network congestion across the distributed array.

Redundancy levels are expressed as percentages, indicating how much of the array can be damaged before a catastrophic failure occurs. Lower percentages indicate a more vulnerable array, while higher percentages indicate a less vulnerable array.

AIFS RAID 1 with 274,941,996,890,625 “Drives” = 99.9999999999995%
Star Trek Borg Cube = 78%
RAID 1 with 2 Drives = 50%
RAID 6 with 4 Drives = 50%
RAID 60 with 8 Drives = 50%
RAID 5 with 3 Drives = 33%
Raid 5 with 6 Drives = 16.7%
RAID 5 with 16 Drives = 6.25%
Raid 60 with 256 Drives = 1.5625%
RAID 0 with # Drives = 0%

Maximum nodes per array = 274,941,996,890,625
Maximum arrays per node = 25
Maximum total volume of per array = 2,048,477,507 Yottabyte’s
Maximum usable volume per array = 8 Petabytes

Use case scenario’s for AIFS.

Enterprise Mergers & acquisitions
Cloud/Datacenter Migration
Active Enterprise Cloned Infrastructure
Content Management & Distribution
Patch Management & Deployment
Unstructured Data Management
Crypto-Ransomware Resilience

In Development
Proof of Stake Blockchain Crypto Currency Ledger