Private Matrix, a US-based cybersecurity and information security provider, emerges from the depths of the vast and complex world of cyberspace with an innovative and unique solution for businesses that seek secure data storage across multiple computers.

Private Matrix has developed the Array Infinite File System (AIFS), which is a decentralized network optimized for file synchronization and storage, designed for low-latency satellite communications and intermittent connections. Unlike blockchain, which mainly verifies transactions, AIFS achieves high levels of redundancy and resilience through distributed computing by replicating data across multiple nodes. This allows for data retrieval from unaffected nodes in the event of node failure.

AIFS provides a transparent and secure record-keeping system, making it suitable for a range of applications. With capabilities for endpoint management, data management, redundancy, and resilience, AIFS can protect networks and data from ransomware attacks and other events that could cause data loss.

Private Matrix offers a beacon of hope for businesses that need to share and collaborate on files across multiple devices and locations, despite challenges associated with AIFS. With AIFS, Private Matrix provides an innovative and unique solution that can function as both a public and private ledger and scale to meet your needs.